Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I went to my local market on Saturday. It was freezing! I can't quite believe the crazy weather we have experienced in the UK this past 6 months. It seems like a never ending winter and I cannot wait for it to start getting warmer. However I was very pleased to have made the effort to get out and about as I came back with some goodies!

I have been after a wicker basket for quite a while. I really liked the look of the Laura Ashley Kubu Storage Trunk as it's both beautiful and practical. However I could not afford the £80 price tag so I carried on looking.....

Kubu Storage Trunk
Well look what I found for £12 at my local indoor market!

I'm really pleased, this will be very useful for storing linens and look great on top of my wardrobe (when I get round to painting the wardrobe). Plus I have saved an awful lot of money! It shows that it pays to be patient and to keep on looking.

Whilst browsing I also noticed this duck jug. How cute! I couldn't resist and he came quacking home with me and is now proudly sitting on my window sill. This was only £8 so another bargain!

It's sometimes easy to forget how good markets are. My local market has an indoor and outdoor section that sells vintage goods, as well as modern furniture, electricals, toys, clothing and food. I always find it more satisfying to buy goods from a market stall rather than a national chainstore or supermarket. In terms of food produce the chain from farm to consumer is reduced which can only be a good thing both environmentally and in terms of quality due to the stall owner having more knowledge of where the produce came from in the first place. Plus it's helping small businesses to survive in an economic environment that is incredibly tough. So if you've never been to a market, have a go as you'll find it fun and you'll be amazed at what your pennies can get you!

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