Wednesday, 5 September 2012


O dear what have I done?!

There I was innocently chewing on my muesli and sipping my orange juice browsing the Internet when I just happen to pop onto the NEXT website. I also just happen to look at the daybed section and saw this beauty.

Isn't it lovely?! It would be perfect for our guest bedroom. It has a gorgeous Laura Ashley feel to it with a much lower price tag of £150!!! Of course that's without the mattress and the trundle beneath but that's still a very good price. NEXT just happened to sell a single mattress for £100 so that's £250 for both!! Wowwee! (I would have to save for the trundle at a later date as that would be another £200). Now I just went to the checkout and registered my details and double clicked continue. Then what happened? I received confirmation that the order was complete and the expected delivery time. WHAT?!!! I hadn't paid for it yet! Well I've never bought from the Next website before and it turns out you do not pay for your order until you  receive the goods. O dear! I phoned customer service and explained that I had not meant to order at that point and was told it was too late to cancel the only thing I could do would be to refuse delivery when it arrived. Not likely! So even though I've been caught out by being a bit too generous with my clicking there is no way I could turn this beauty away! The only problem now is that we have no space whatsoever at the moment due to renovating our kitchen and bathroom so the other half is going to roll his eyes and go "Now where are we going to put that?!" 

 Even Pip's havin to find what little room there is (in guitar cases) to get comfy!

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