Monday, 3 September 2012

Sew? Yes please!

Yay! I'm all excited today. Look what the lovely postman gave to me this morning!!!

Well I must admit I had purchased this book last week on Amazon so I did know that it was due to arrive at some point. But wow I'm so glad it's here! This book is sooo cute! In case the cover did not give it away this book is called 'Sew' by Cath Kidston.

Inside the front pocket contains all the material and buttons needed to complete the sweet little bag on the front cover - why thank you Cath!

There are also detailed  instructions of how to stitch the cotton pieces together. I find it amazing that these little pieces of material make a bag.

There are 41 projects in total in this book with an accompanying pattern sheet to trace to cut your material. As well as instructions for each project there is also an introduction to your essential equipment, sewing machines,  hems, seams, edgings, fastenings, ties, handles, applique, quilting and decorative details - phew! This is a lot to take in for a novice! I have noticed that the majority of the projects require a sewing machine. My mom has kindly offered to lend me hers before I make an investment myself (thanks mom!). I am very excited about this book and so is my mom who's a seasoned sewer so I suppose this book suits the beginner and the more experienced sewer.

 Until next time take care

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